RAGE Hunter
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Wellspring
Status Alive
“You're new here. A stranger, huh? Yeah, you do look pretty strange.”
―Hunter, to the protagonist

Hunter is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring.

Hunter doesn't have any significant dialogue options, although he will occasionally tell a few words to Nicholas Raine, like "Great racing today!". He also acknowledges the general changes in the situation.

Initially he can be found in Wellspring wandering around the town or sitting on a stool in the courtyard near the "Second Chance" entrance.

Quotes Edit

“The Authority doesn't stand for peace and freedom; those bastards want to control everything. That includes this town and everyone in it.”
―Hunter, to the protagonist


  • Hunter, Gabe and Kidd use similar character models in RAGE.
  • Hunter may be a reference to the Left 4 Dead series due to his name and appearance.


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