Road Rage right 3 Hover turret
“Deploy a Hover Turret to fire at enemy vehicles.”

The Hover Turret is a vehicle weapon featured in RAGE and a right quick-use item available in Road Rage. It can be purchased from vendors for $50 ($43 when wearing Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor) in the Campaign and is unlocked at level 11 in Road Rage.

When activated, it becomes a kind of mobile Sentry Turret that hovers above the player's vehicle, shooting at any enemy nearby. It can be quite useful, but shouldn't be considered a replacement for an actual vehicle weapon.


In the Campaign, it can be helpful in areas like the Scorcher Territory where enemy vehicles constantly go behind the player's vehicle. It inflicts little damage and is be disabled over time. The player should only buy this for their time in the Northern Wasteland, as there aren't any specific locations in the Eastern Wasteland where Hover Turrets will be as useful, perhaps except for the Gearhead Territory.

In Road Rage, the Hover Turret is the most useful right quick-use item, as it inflicts about the same amount of damage as Machine Guns do. Using it when surrounded or fighting multiple opponents is recommended as that is where Hover Turret can be used to the fullest. It helps when being chased, though not nearly as much as Mortar does.


  • Once a turret is launched, it can't be recovered.


  1. Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition exclusive content.

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