Road Rage secondary 1 Homing missile
“Missiles that lock onto and follow enemies.”

The Homing Missile is a secondary vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It is unlocked by default at level 1 and comes equipped on the Scout class and Outlaw vehicles. There are only 20 Homing Missiles loaded in to start with.

This weapon works similarly to the Viper Rockets featured in the Campaign, as the missiles target the enemy vehicle and chase after it until an obstruction destroys it.


The player should note that Homing Missile has been greatly reduced in power compared to the Rocket Launchers Campaign equivalent, and may take multiple shots to kill even such a weak vehicle as the Scout. The player should frequently pick up ammo drops to keep the supply of rockets bountiful. It is advised that the player tries to avoid the Monarch class vehicles when they use this weapon, as it definitely will not provide the means needed to destroy one.

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