Hat Trick RAGE Hat Trick
Points 15 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy
Kill at least 3 Enemies
with a single Mind Controlled Enemy

"Hat Trick" is an Achievement/Trophy featured in RAGE. This Achievement/Trophy can be earned by killing at least three enemies with a single mind controlled enemy.


  • This can easily be done during the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall". A good spot is when you get to the holding area where Marshall is found. Get the Mind Control Bolts ready, use the access panel to open the cells, and mutants will jump down to attack the guards. Pick a group of 3, fire the bolt, and detonate immediately.
  • Another good place is the Gearhead Vault. Just past the eight ATMs and to the left, there will appear a group of enemies standing very close to each other.
  • Can also be accomplished at anytime during a re-run of Mutant Bash TV. In the first round, when the four platforms rise up, kill the Scoop Mutants atop each, releasing two Club Mutants and two Dagger Throwers. It is advisable to have heavy armor and as much extra health as you can get from Apophis Infusion items, as you will be a stationary target while the Mind Control Bolt takes effect.

The easiest mission in which you can get this achievement is "Assault the Authority Bridge".  At the beginning of the mission, you need to blow up the gate.  There are 3 mutants standing there.  If you park around the corner, and then shoot the first one, the other 2 will run past him as he staggers around.  Trigger the explosion, and you kill all 3.  If the achievement doesn't pop, run at the gate and 3 more muties will attack.  Plant the explosives, and when the gate blows, 5 more muties will rush you.  Hit any of the 8 muties and trigger the explosion as quickly as you can. Even if you die, you will still get the achievement.

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