Hammer Grill
Cost, RC 15 Rage Cuprino Grill Hammer
Vehicle(s) Cuprino
Upgrade type Ram upgrade
Prerequisite None
“Aptly named, this grill hammers enemy vehicles into little pieces.”

The Hammer Grill is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 15 Racing Certificates for the Cuprino.

The Hammer Grill will provide a major boost in ramming abilities and cause an enemy vehicle to receive much more damage done to their car than the player would receive to their own in a collision. This is helpful, as it allows for quick killing against groups of 2–4 enemies.

In Racing, the Hammer Grill's ability is most helpful in Rallies rather than races as Rallies are much more Vehicle Combat oriented while racing requires the player to simply win.

Gallery Edit

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