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Gotta Have 'Em All RAGE Gotta Have 'Em All
Points 20 Game points
Trophy Bronze trophy
Collect all Playing Cards
on one play-through

"Gotta Have 'Em All" is an Achievement/Trophy in RAGE. This Achievement/Trophy can be earned by collecting all the 54 Collector Cards in one play-through.

Be aware that cards in some locations are only available at certain times or during certain quests. These locations include: the Outrigger Settlement, Dead City, the Well in Wellspring and the Authority Prison.


  • The Achievement/Trophy name is a possible reference to the Pokémon's theme song and a slogan "Gotta Catch 'em All!".
  • In the latest patch, missable cards are available for purchase in Coffer's shop, making them 100% obtainable.

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