Road Rage map 1 Gearhead Valley

Gearhead Valley is the first Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It is based off of the Subway Town Speedway map "The Shipyard" encountered in the Campaign.

The Rally takes pace in the Gearhead Territory, in the Shipyard Sewers area.


It is almost an exact copy of the Gearhead Territory, just with the entrance to the Power Plant cut off by a racing barricade. The four players spawn where the territory begins, which is also where a Capture Zone spawns. The first view is of the rod in the middle of the path made of highway signs and the bend around it, along with the highway that overlooks it. A small pathway leads under the highway, along with the off-ramp available if the player turns left after passing the road.

Going up the highway, there are two makeshift highway sign ramps, used in the Campaign to reach two different Vehicle Jumps available in the area. In the middle of the highway, a Capture Zone can possibly spawn. Going further, the player will have a rather cinematic view of the valley that holds the Power Plant along with four Meteors.

Further forward, there are several new rocks and curves have been added, along with the concealment of the Power Plant entrance. Three rocks should be in front of the player in which they can go through the paths that lie between each one. Meteors can spawn beside each rock, along with a possible Capture Zone in the middle. Going through the paths, a valley begins where several Meteors spawn along with two Capture Zones.

If the player goes past the three rocks they will notice a new drop and curve around a huge plateau in the middle, between the rocks and the racing barricade. a steep swerve lies at the bottom of this drop where a Meteor can appear and where the coveted Quad Damage awaits.

In all, that's three possible Rally Stations and 12 Meteors in all. (Needs clarification.)


In Rally based modes, the player should drive between the main valley and the starting spawn area, as everything is in the route between each other, and not much is strayed from this path except for the exception of a lone Meteor in the swerve. This also gives the player several chances to spray a good amount of ammunition into an enemy.

In "Carnage", the player should remain near the swerve and the three rocks, as almost all players go through here. The Homing Missile is also effective for early level players.

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