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Entering gearhead
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The Gearhead Territory is a territory featured in RAGE. It is located within the Eastern Wasteland. This area is the home of the Gearhead Clan. It is the location of the Power Plant, several Vehicle Jumps, and Shipyard Sewers.

The area consists mainly of two expansive plains, the first of which has a small plateau of junk sticking out of the ground. To the left of the plateau is a ramp leading up to a short section of highway with a small passage underneath. A fork in the highway leads to a Vehicle Jump. Upon progressing a bit deeper in the territory, the player will notice a pile of old highway signs to their left; several of these form another Vehicle Jump, and the hatch to the Shipyard Sewers is also hidden there. Beyond this, the player will be on a vast, open hillside with a few makeshift ramps made out of train cars and 18-wheeler trucks, a small metallic dome-like structure, and the Gearhead Power Plant.

Associated questsEdit

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