RAGE Garan 2
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Alive
Weapon Settlers Assault Rifle
“I don't know why Dan brought you here. You people are only trouble. Now, be on your way.”
―Garan, to the protagonist

Garan is a character featured in RAGE. He is a guard protecting the small community of Hagar Settlement.

Though initially he has a somewhat hostile attitude towards Nicholas Raine, he will become more friendly towards him after Raine completes the tasks for the Hagar Settlement.

Returning to the Hagar Settlement later in the game, Raine may find Garan posted outside Dan Hagar's garage. Upon speaking with him at this point in the game, Garan will tell Nicholas that Dan has gone to the town of Gunbarrel and that the protagonist will be welcomed as a friend should he ever return to the Hagar Settlement in the future.


  • Garan, Valder, Nelno and Saul all share the same character model in RAGE, with minor variations.


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