Formed by a fragment of the great asteroid Apophis, the Crater is one of the richest known deposits of Feltrite, a precious substance contained within Apophis.

The Feltrite Crater, also known as Crater, is a location featured in RAGE. It is situated on the East of the Northern Wasteland but accessed through a tunnel at the Northern part of the region.

The Crater was made after a fragment of 99942 Apophis crashed into Earth. The remains of Apophis are gigantic sharp rocks that cover the area. Because Apophis contained rich deposits of Feltrite, a mining operation has been started by the Shrouded Clan.

The location contains little other than a drilling rig relevant to the quest "Feltrite Crater", the Shrouded Minigun Collector Card, some minor loot and a Stanley Express Mailbox. Despite containing a lot of pure Feltrite, this location has no Feltrite Crystals available to the protagonist.


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