Evenflow Max Boost
Cost, RC 25 Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow Max
Vehicle(s) Buggy
Upgrade type Boost upgrade
Prerequisite "Wellspring Bound"
“Hold on tight! Here comes maximum boost!”

The Evenflow Max Boost is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 25 Racing Certificates for the Dune Buster and Rat Rod[1] buggies.

The Evenflow Max Boost upgrade provides extra speed and duration for the Boost of buggies. They can become helpful in Vehicle Combat when chasing an enemy, ramming, or running from a large sum of enemy vehicles. They should be considered when purchasing upgrades for these reasons.

In Racing, this upgrade is rather optional for Buggy class races, as the Evenflow 2x Boost upgrade is on par with the other competitors' buggies.


  1. The Rat Rod buggy is the Anarchy / Campaign Edition bonus content.

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