Road Rage right 4 Escort bomb
“Deploy an RC Bomb Car to chase encroaching enemies.”

The Escort Bomb is a vehicle weapon featured in RAGE. It can be bought from vendors for $40 ($38 when wearing Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor) and a right vehicle quick-use item unlocked at level 20 in Road Rage. The player's vehicle can hold a maximum of 99 Escort Bombs.

Escort Bombs are similar to RC Bomb Cars featured in the Campaign. Upon activation, they search for an enemy vehicle. Once they have found one, they get in blast radius of the enemy and explode, taking 25% of their health.


In Vehicle Combat, Escort Bombs can be useful as they will inflict a decent amount of damage to an enemy, allowing the player to finish a high level enemy. They aren't as useful in racing, though.

In Road Rage, it can be useful in Meteor and Chain Rallies when the player needs to collect meteorites either to complete a chain or to drop them off for points. The player should use Escort Bombs when an enemy vehicle is in front of their vehicle to clear the way to the meteorites needed.


  1. Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition exclusive content.

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