Elizabeth Cadence
Appears in RAGE
Rage: After the Impact
Rank/Title Doctor
Affiliations Wellspring
Subway Town
Authority (formerly)
Status Unkown

Doctor Elizabeth Cadence is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of Wellspring, and later Subway Town, and a member of the Resistance.

Elizabeth, along with her husband and child, were recruited into the Eden Project for the adults' specializations in science. In RAGE: After the Impact, however, her Ark was uncovered by the Authority upon emerging and she was forced to work for them on the threat that her family would be killed. She worked alongside doctor Antonin Kvasir on the Authority's experiments with the Nanotrites and the creation of mutants within the wrecks of pre-Apophis megalopolis now known as the Dead City. Before the project reached its fruition she escaped and joined the Resistance however, after discovering that her husband and child were long dead.

She is seen in "Second Chance" in Wellspring sitting at the far left end of the counter reading what seems to be a detailed schematic until Nicholas Raine's second visit to Kvasir. After her involvement with the Resistance is revealed, she will head downstairs to the Resistance Base and be down there until Raine is required to leave the Northern Wasteland. In Subway Town, she can be found in the local base under Saul's Garage.

It is interesting that she, along with John Marshall and Jack Portman, were absent after completing the main campaign of RAGE, suggesting that either they retreated from the base or simply captured.

RAGE: After the ImpactEdit

While mentioned in the comic, Elizabeth's Ark isn't featured in the game. It can be presumed that it was located somewhere in one of the two main American mountain chains due to the mountainous area pictured in the comic. The Ark is nearly destroyed due to either seismic activity or premature emergence, with cryogenic pods dislodged from the Ark itself. Elizabeth awakens a few feet away from the Ark. She is forced to flee the site when some Wasted Clan bandits appear there and ends up being captured by the Authority troops.

Associated questsEdit


  • She is seen wearing an Ark Suit. It is unknown why she never changed out of it. Despite the warnings made to the player in the early stages to change out of theirs to avoid detection by the Authority.