Road Rage left 3 EMP
“Temporarily disables control of nearby enemy vehicles.”

The Electromagnetic Pulse charge, or EMP for short, is a vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE and left quick-use item. They are unlocked at level 8. It's practically the same as EMP Grenades featured in the Campaign.

This hi-tech throwing weapon appears to be a sophisticated device created after 99942 Apophis hit. Made with the use of Feltrite-based ingredients, EMP charges are effective against any electricity based devices.


They provide the EMP effect they give in the Campaign onto the enemy vehicles. They will stop enemy vehicles and give the player a chance to destroy them before the effect wears off, scoring Rally Points, or to escape the fight. The player may use these when experimenting, but Armor Restore may prove to be more useful.

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