“Sure I saw them! Mutants! Ten. Twenty of them! All over that valley. And they had a hold of someone. Just ripping him apart...”
―Dylan to Austin and Theodore.

Dylan is a character featured in RAGE.

Biography Edit

He is a resident of Wellspring. He can seen telling a story of how he saw a group of mutants attack a man in a nearby valley to Theodore and Austin.

He has no interactions with the protagonist, other than giving telling him rumors about nearby settlements. 

Quotes Edit

“Heard rumors that old man Joe got some plants growing around the swamp. Special plants at that! Heard if you mix'em up right, they can do a lot of good for you.”
―Dylan to Nicholas Raine.
“You going North? If you are, you better watch yourself around the Dead City. There's something bad behind that wall. Just listen next time your in the area.”
―Dylan to Nicholas Raine.
“Keep an eye out for those drones. When they're around, the Authority ain't far behind.”
―Dylan to Nicholas Raine.
“Heard the resistance was making moves in town. They better watch themselves. We don't need the Authority cracking down on this place.”
―Dylan to Nicholas Raine.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He uses the same character model as Serafin, with minor variations.
  • He possesses a number of tattoos, notably "Wellspring Thug" and "Ratboy Lives!" on his right bicep, "HUCKING" tattooed across his stomach, and a Celtic band with a heart and "MOM" written above it on his left bicep.
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