Durar Hagar
RAGE Durar Hagar
Nickname(s) D R
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Alive
Family Dan Hagar
Loosum Hagar
Halek Hagar
Phallinx Hagar
Sarah Hagar

Durar Hagar, commonly referred to as "D R", is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of the Hagar Settlement and the local mechanic.

When Dan Hagar promises Nicholas Raine his own Dune Buster, Durar is the man to talk to. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the parts to get the buggy working, and asks Raine to retrieve said parts, thus starting the quest "The Missing Parts". When this is done, he assembles the Dune Buster for Raine and offers his tow services via the Tow Truck Radio.

Later, he offers the player the opportunity to participate in a time trial race to beat his time. Winning it gives the protagonist an upgrade to the boost for the buggy which can be useful when participating in the races at the Wellspring Speedway.

He then will be staying in his workshop and continue to fix the protagonist's vehicles when it's needed. He also remains available for tow services if the player ever needs it.

Associated questsEdit


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