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The Developer Graffiti room is one of four secret areas in RAGE. It is an Easter egg referencing different members and artwork from id Software. It is found in the Abandoned Distillery.


The room is very difficult to find without some sort of guide that includes several steps:

  1. Look for a large room with four tall stills in the center with a few more off to the side. Look along the walls for a ladder leading down underneath the stills.
  2. Climb down and circle around the stills to find an alcove with a mattress against the wall and a valve above it.
  3. Turn the valve to open the door into the secret room.
  4. Get out of the recessed area and climb back up to the main floor.
  5. As you get off the ladder, turn right — there is now an opening big enough to crawl through.
  6. Crawl inside to unlock the "Dev Graffiti" Achievement/Trophy.


RAGE "Dev Graffiti" Achievement Guide01:27

RAGE "Dev Graffiti" Achievement Guide


Dev graffiteh

in the Trophy Room

  • If you own RAGE: The Scorchers, in the Trophy Room there will be a hanging id Software logo on a wall in the bedroom upon entering the Developer Graffiti Room.

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