The Saint Vita Hospital is located in the center of Dead City. Anyone wanting to reach it would have to make their way through the crumbling buildings and the hordes of mutants that run wild in the streets. It's here that the defibrillator upgrade can be found.


The Dead City hospital is perhaps the most uncomfortable place in the game. Masses of fleshy tissue that ooze an unknown organic fluid have invaded much of the building. Dead bodies both mutant and human can be found in the corridors, and caches of medical supplies and other items are scattered throughout the structure. Just outside the hospital are several cocoons containing the bodies of humans, though beyond that their purpose is unknown. It's possible that they convert the biomass into a goo the mutants can more easily ingest.

Inside the hospital, one is best off when equipped with silent weapons (i.e. the crossbow and Wingsticks), as the hallways are crawling with mutants and any noise, even a missed shot, will alert them to the player's presence. There are at least fifty Club and Dagger Thrower and twenty Slime mutants inside the building, making some areas dangerous to travel through. However, encounters with Slime mutants can be quite rewarding, as they can often be looted for cloth rags, antiseptic formula bottles and mutant adrenal glands.

Just before the player reaches the MRI room, where the defib upgrade is located, the infamous giant mutant must be fought. It's here that the player receives the Rocket Launcher, a weapon of superior destructive firepower. The giant mutant can only be defeated using this weapon; it is impervious to all others. Once it's killed, the player can then go into the MRI room and get the upgrade. After that, they must battle their way back out of the building and ultimately out of the city and return to Kvasir so he can install the upgrade.

Associated QuestsEdit

"Defibrillator Upgrade"

  • Locate the Dead City Sewer Entrance
  • Make Your Way to the Hospital
  • Enter the Hospital and Find the MRI Room
  • Kill the Giant Mutant
  • Grab the Defib Upgrade
  • Escape the City and Return to Kvasir

"Lost Research Data"

  • Return to the Dead City
  • Enter the Hospital and Find the Research Data
  • Grab the Data and Escape
  • Deliver the Data to Captain Marshall


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