Dan Hagar
RAGE Dan Hagar
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Unkown
Weapon Sniper Rifle
Striker Crossbow
Family Loosum Hagar
Durar Hagar
Halek Hagar
Phallinx Hagar
Sarah Hagar
“I survived this long by staying out of trouble, saving you may have changed all that.”
―Dan Hagar, to the protagonist

Dan Hagar is a character featured in RAGE. He is the founder of the Hagar Settlement. He resides in the Ray's Oasis building.

He rescues Nicholas Raine from two Ghosts during the Prologue, and provides him with the first sequence of quests. He is also responsible for giving the protagonist three weapons, namely the Settler Pistol, Sniper Rifle, and Striker Crossbow.

When it's too dangerous for Nicholas to stay in the Hagar Settlement any time longer, Dan sends him to Wellspring. If the protagonist returns to the Hagar Settlement after that, Garan will inform him that Dan Hagar has left on a trip to the town of Gunbarrel, along with Phallinx and Becky. From that point forward, Dan is never seen nor mentioned in the game again presumably that it is kidnapped by Authority for the interrogation to reveal Nicholas whereabouts.


“I'm Dan Hagar, and you're one lucky son of a bitch.”
―Dan Hagar, to the protagonist
“Welcome to the future.”
―Dan, to the protagonist
“One more thing, those bandits shouldn't be too hard to take down, not for you. I hear there's something special about you Ark people.”
― Dan, talking to the protagonist about the Ghost Clan.

Associated questsEdit


  • Dan Hagar is voiced by the American actor John Goodman.
  • Judging by how he holds his Sniper Rifle in trailers and the opening of the game, Dan is left-handed.
  • Dan has a Doom Space Marine bobblehead in his Dune Buster. However, this copy is not obtainable.
  • In the novel, Dan Hagar is interrogated by the Authority and questioned about Nicholas Raine's whereabouts. When failing to provide information, his daughter Loosum Hagar is taken prisoner.
  • Despite being kind enough to save the protagonist at the start of the game, Dan is presumed to be the one that fired the gunshot heard if the player walks away from his buggy after the start of the game, which kills the protagonist.


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