Collectibles are miscellaneous, one-of-a-kind items that can be found throughout RAGE, usually associated with Easter eggs. They can all (with the exception of the clownfaces and magic mushrooms) be found in the Trophy Room, once the player has obtained them.


Collectible bobbleheadsEdit

The collectible bobbleheads have no use in the game and only can be sold to vendors for $150. There are three, one found in Clayton's office, one found in Redstone's office, and one found in the Doom room.

List of collectible bobbleheads
Image Name Location Price Description
Vault Boy Bobblehead Wellspring $150 Very rare promotional Vault-Tec item.
Blakebobblheadicon Blake Bobble Head Subway Town $150 He's in RAGE!
Doom Marine Bobblehead Gearhead Vault $150 Very rare promotional id Tech item.

Collectible clownfacesEdit

Clownfaces are collectibles found in the Wasteland Legends. Collecting them all unlocks a multiplayer emblem.

RAGE - ClownFace Collectables-104:35

RAGE - ClownFace Collectables-1

Clownface Collectibles Guide

Wolf Goblet

The Wolf Goblet is a Wolfenstein 3D easter egg. It can only be found durring the mission "Quell the Bandit Threat".

NOTE: Once you complete the mission, you cannot go back to get it.


The Wolf Gobet

Shambler Plush

The Shambler Plush is a Quake easter egg. It can only be found in the Quake room


The Shambler Plush

Quayola Quayons

Quayola Quayons is another Quake easter egg. They can only be at the end of the "Missing Person" Quest. 

NOTE: Upon completion of the "Missing Person" quest, the Quayola Quayons will be unobtainable. 

Rage QuayolaQuayons

A box of Quayola Quayons


Pinkies are a DOOM easter egg and of the ever-so-rare Twinkies snack cake. There are a total of 4 boxes of Pinkies in RAGE


Magic Mushrooms

The "Magic Mushrooms" can be found only in the Hagar Caves. Note that the Hagar Caves can only be accessed after installing The Scorchers DLC. The "Magic Mushrooms" are found in the room with the TNT detonator. NOTE: Once Dan Hagar has left the Hagar Settlement, the caves will be unaccessible. If you haven't claimed the mushrooms by then, you cannot get them.

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