Road Rage secondary 3 Cluster bomb
“Drop a cluster of bombs behind your car to disrupt pursuing enemies.”

The Cluster Bomb is a secondary vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It is unlocked at level 9, and comes equipped on the Boss Monarch class vehicle. There are 12 shells given to the player at the beginning of a Rally.

The Cluster Bomb is unique because it is a group of three rockets that all fly at the same target and detonate together once they come in contact with anything, hence the word cluster.


The player can feel free to use this weapon at any situation as it's powerful in short range and is effective when dealing with elusive opponents. When being chased by the Outlaw or Executioner, the player will may feel free to attempt to kill with this weapon as it is strong and can penetrate their armor. A Boss, however, may be harder to take down and the use of an Air Burst is recommended.


  • The Cluster Bomb may have an EMP effect, as it stops enemy vehicles unlike other vehicle weapons.

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