Appears in RAGE: The Scorchers
Affiliations Wellspring, Jackpots
Status Unknown
“Heh heh - Good luck. Scorchers love visitors.”
―Clive, to the protagonist at the entrance to the Wellspring Tunnels

Clive is character featured in RAGE: The Scorchers. He is a resident of Wellspring and owner of Jackpots.

He first appears with his hands tied on a table being interrogated by Sarah. Sarah is attempting to get information as to where the Scorchers are hiding, due to his past membership in the Scorchers. He claims he will only be able to if he can leave the Wasteland, specifically going to Oasis, thus starting the quest "Ticket to Oasis". After returning with the ticket, he uses his Keycard to open up a maintenance room with a Sewer hatch leading into the Wellspring Tunnels.

Associated questsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is a resident of Wellspring, he is not seen before the completion of the "Scorched Refinement" quest.


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