RAGE Carlson
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Wellspring
Status Alive
“We're counting on you. Get that toxin to me, or we're all as good as dead.”
―Carlson, to the protagonist

Carlson is a character featured in RAGE. He is a resident of Wellspring, and the local "Wellmaster", taking care of the town's water supply.

At the request of Mayor Clayton (or Sheriff Black, depending on the route the player takes), Nicholas Raine was sent to the Well, following an alarm. Here, Raine met Carlson, who explained that bandits had attacked the building, and were threatening to poison the Wellspring's water supply. Raine then traveled into the Well, to quell the bandits.

After retrieving the Ghost Toxin, Carlson advised Raine to bring the sample to Antonin Kvasir.

Associated questsEdit


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