C3C Standard Suspension
Cost, RC Rage Dune Buster Suspension Standard
Vehicle(s) Cuprino
Upgrade type Suspension upgrade
Prerequisite "Cuprino Needed"
“Standard issue Cuprino suspension is better than nothing, but not very much.”

The C3C Standard Suspension is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It is the default Cuprino suspension.

The C3C Standard Suspension is a free, standard suspension item received for the Cuprino. It will lessen the impact of driving on the Wasteland's cracked and jagged paths, but only lightly. It provides little traction for control in Vehicle Combat, so the C3C Sport Suspension model should be purchased for extra traction in combat.

For Racing, this upgrade is not very useful, but will provide the suspension needed to win the first Cuprino races in RAGE As said before, the later suspension model is far more useful than its default counterpart and the player should consider purchasing that as soon as possible.

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