C3C Evenflow Max Boost
Cost, RC 30 Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow 2x
Vehicle(s) Cuprino
Upgrade type Boost upgrade
Prerequisite "Cuprino Needed"
“The maximum boost available for the Cuprino. Hold on tight!”

The C3C Evenflow Max Boost upgrade is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 30 Racing Certificates for the Cuprino.

Similar to the C3C Evenflow 2x Boost upgrade, this provides a great advantage in Vehicle Combat, especially when combined with the Magnum Grill, but increases the effectiveness of the pair. The damage done by the player's vehicle ramming is increased even more so than the default Boost.

In Racing, this boost is somewhat necessary when wanting to complete all Cuprino class races. The enemy vehicles in the later Cuprino races at the Subway Town Speedway will be fast and aggressive, so this upgrade is recommended to make the experience easier for the player.

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