Road Rage vehicle type 5 Boss

The Boss is the fifth of five different vehicle types featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It is unlocked at level 20, and has the Scorcher (Reaver in Road Rage) theme by default.

It comes equipped with Pulse Repeaters as the primary weapon, Cluster Bomb as a secondary weapon, Boost Restore as the left quick-use item, and Escort Bomb as the right quick-use item. Pulse Repeater has infinite ammo and Escort Bomb quantity is limited to 12.


Boss is extremely powerful and difficult to destroy vehicle. The player may feel free to start fights, end fights, and do whatever is necessary to win, as Boss can handle a large amount of damage. It's truly superior over every car other than Executioner. When facing an Executioner, the player needs to do whatever is needed to destroy the enemy vehicle, such as using Pulse Cannon. This vehicle is best used on Reactor, Abandoned, and Meteor maps.

Once this vehicle is unlocked, it's recommended to switch to Pulse Cannon as the primary weapon because it's much more powerful than the repeaters. Choosing the secondary weapon, left and right quick-use items is a matter of balance and taste.


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