Appears in RAGE
Rank/Title Sheriff
Affiliations Wellspring
Status Alive

Sheriff Black is a character featured in RAGE. He is the town Sheriff in Wellspring and the important character in the Northern Wasteland region.

He first tasks Nicholas Raine to get his hands on a Cuprino in order to deliver supplies to the Watch Tower. Afterwards, he gives the quest "Destroy the Bomb Caches" in order to stop the Shrouded Clan RC Bomb Cars that have been harassing people who passes by the Shrouded territory.

After destroying the bomb caches, he thanks the protagonist and tells him that it's good having people like him around. He then asks him to check on the Mayor. He will then be standing there either checking the computer on the table or tuning the radio that appears to play the distinctive Wasteland Radio music.

Later, the protagonist acquires a mission protecting the Sheriff from the Authority during "The Exchange" from the local Job Board. He is not heard of, seen or mentioned again after completing the quest.

He is also featured in the Wasteland Legends co-op mission "Grab and Go" where he is the person who issued the order to acquire the bomb car prototype.


  • In the novel, Sheriff Black is a rather vicious character as he threatens to sell Nicholas Raine off to the Authority unless he entertains the people of Wellsprings by participating in Mutant Bash.
  • Once the Authority enters town, his office will become locked.
  • Sheriff Black's voice actor is J. Grant Albrecht, who also voice acted for DOOM 3, and Destroy All Humans! as Cryptosporidium and other various characters.


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