RAGE Becky
Appears in RAGE
Affiliations Hagar Settlement
Status Alive

Becky is a character featured in RAGE. She is a resident of the Hagar Settlement.

When first encountered, she tells Nicholas Raine that she understands if he feels lost as the world today is so much different from the world in the past. After the settlement is attacked, she can be found tending to the wounded near Dan Hagar in the Ray's Oasis building and pleads the protagonist to quickly get medical supplies for them as they would need it. After helping the Hagar settlement by completing their quests, she tells Raine that should he ever need help, their gate to the settlement will always be open.

Later when the protagonist returns to the Hagar Settlement, Becky will no longer be at her posts around the settlement like Dan Hagar and will never be seen nor mentioned in the game again.


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