Road Rage left 2 Armor restore
“Perform instant repairs on your vehicle.”

The Armor Restore is a left vehicle quick-use item featured in RAGE. It can be bought from vendors for $85 ($81 when wearing Wastelander or Crimson Elite[1] armor), and is unlocked at level 3 in Road Rage. The player's vehicle can hold a maximum of 99 Armor Restore items.

In the Campaign, they will completely restore the player vehicle's armor, hence the name. In Road Rage, they will only replenish half of the player's vehicle armor, but this is compensated by being given two at the beginning of every rally.


Due to their price, it's recommended that the player only buys one and also purchases a set of Shields. On rare occasions when Vehicle Combat becomes too difficult for the player, they should use the Shield to escape and when no enemy vehicles are around and a town is not near, use the Armor Restore.

In Road Rage, when the player's vehicle is half damaged, they should consider using their first Armor Restore. When nearly destroyed, it's recommended that the player uses their second Armor Restore to save themselves from annihilation.


  1. Crimson Elite armor is the Anarchy and Campaign Edition exclusive content.

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