Road Rage Armor Recharge

The Armor Recharge is a racing pick-up featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. When acquired, it automatically repairs the player's vehicle by 50%, the equivalent of the Armor Restore quick-use item.


This pack can be a life saver for most players as there are much more useful vehicle quick-use items than the Armor Restore, but sadly it is less common. About three can be found on every map (with the exception of Prime where there are only two at each ends of the map). When the player's vehicle is heavily damaged, they should activate a Shield (if equipped) and head straight for the Armor Recharge so that no additional damage is received. Once it's acquired, they can return to the fight and try to earn as many points as possible before returning to grab the pack again as it may not have respawned if the player goes for it prematurely.

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