“Standard issue Ark Suit.”

The Ark Suit is the default outfit at the beginning of the game that is given to Nicholas Raine during the Prologue as his Ark is submerging. It is part of the Ark life support systems meant to keep the occupants alive and safe whilst they are in cryogenic sleep. It is soon added onto by an upgraded version rewarded to Nicholas Raine after completing the quest "Quell the Bandit Threat", which increases armor capabilities. The default Ark Suit provides no protection to the protagonist from the environment thus any damage taken will instantly drain his health. The armor upgrade provides a single damage threshold point to the suit, which makes it almost mandatory that the player gets through the first few quests to get to the quest "Changing Clothes" as fast as possible. A way to help combat this problem of minor armor is to complete Ramos Outrigger's quest "Mutant Alert", which awards Raine with the Adrenaline Overdrive schematic which increases the protagonist's total health for a short time.

The suit is removed during the "Changing Clothes" mission. Nicholas is tasked with changing clothes to one of three (four if you have the Anarchy or Campaign edition of RAGE). The armor types are the Wastelander, Roughneck, Fabricator, and the Crimson Elite. After the players complete this quest, they will never be able to obtain the Ark Suit again, and the protagonist will never again be recognized as an Ark Survivor until later in the game when the residents of Subway Town discover his abilities of survival and his affiliations with the Resistance.


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