Road Rage right 2 Air burst
“Pushes your vehicle into the air for a quick jump.”

The Air Burst is a right vehicle quick-use item featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE. It is unlocked at level 6 and comes equipped by default on Outlaw Monarch class vehicle. Three are given to the player at the beginning of every Rally.

When used, it's allows the player to adjust their vehicle's trajectory when in mid-air and aids in altering the landing position.


When using this quick-use item, it's recommended that the player tries to use it mainly to escape chases. The player may use it when the enemy is directly behind them. They will be shot above their pursuer and drop behind them, escaping the fight. It's also recommended that the player doesn't equip this item constantly as it's perhaps the least helpful right quick-use item.

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