Advanced Pure-flow Boost
Cost, RC 45 Rage Dune Buster Booster Evenflow 2x
Vehicle(s) Monarch
Upgrade type Boost upgrade
Prerequisite "Wellspring Bound"
“Advanced Pure-flow Monarch boost. The best boost in the Wasteland!”

The Advanced Pure-flow Boost upgrade is a vehicle upgrade featured in RAGE. It can be purchased for 45 Racing Certificates for the Monarch.

In Vehicle Combat, this upgrade provides much of what the Standard Pure-flow Boost did, but at a larger quantity. It will be able to effectively chase and get away from bandit vehicles and the Authority Predators.

In Racing, this upgrade is nearly required to complete the final Rallies. Drivers like Minx will use some sort of Boost upgrade similar to this, so using the Advanced Pure-flow along with other useful upgrades is almost needed.

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