Road Rage map 6 Abandoned

Abandoned is the sixth Road Rage Vehicle Combat Rally multiplayer map in RAGE. It most likely features an area in the Eastern Wasteland, not far from the Gearhead Territory and the Abandoned Distillery.

The rally takes place in one of the industrial areas that were abandoned after 99942 Apophis hit. This map is the largest of all Road Rage maps.


The layout consists of two levels, one carved in the rock and out in the open, and one on top of the curves.

The bottom layer consists of a middle that soon becomes the main battlefield in all Rally types, and four turns that drain out into this middle plain, along with four Meteors and two Capture Zones. The first two top turns do a magnet-shaped turn with the left one bearing a ramp that leads to the top layer. The right one is the random spawn for two players and comes out as one of the bottom turns.

The bottom turns consist of the two random spawns for the other two vehicles and two turns. The right turn is the drain for the top right turns. It goes around the entire right side of the map. The left turn turns into a tunnel leading to the top layer, which holds the Quad Damage pick-up in the center of it. On the left turn and near the spawns one Meteor and a Capture Zone spawns.

The left side of the map is a inclined plain that raises slowly to the second layer. The second layer is the tops of various tunnels, and added area. Every tunnel has a Capture Zone and two Meteors spawn on top of each. It's unwise to access this layer, as the player is likely to become an easier target.


In Rally based objectives, this game mode has multiple ways to win. A player can easily win through Vehicle Combat and collecting Meteors.

In Carnage mode, a good way to get easy kills is to take cover in the left tunnel and when a damaged enemy vehicle is fleeing, go behind the tailer and take both of them out.

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